knock, knock

"..a second, a minute, an hour, a day goes by, im hoping just to be by your side.." ((:

hey again, i just finished my trial exam. huh, finally release ;DD i did my KH exam as usual, most of the questions i just bantai only, hehh. but i do study, n i really wanna get a for KH ;)

bi i get 74.4444. could u imagine tht? haha. another 0.00001 i could get an a. geo i get A. sej i think ill get C again XDD

ive told INK about the blablablabla. i was jealous ohhh ); but im happy for her;;; ( xde keje )

" turning the handle, it wont open, dont make me wait, cause right now, i need ur smile


"..When life had locked me out, I turned to you, so open the door, youre all I need right now, its true, nothin' works like you

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hanila said...

Along, Sejarah kena baca bukulah sayang... ada student Cik La tu, Chinese boy - selalu dpt A, then dpt markah 100 lg for his mid yr x-m! Rahsianya, dia suka membaca. Dia dah jadi macam 'buku bergerak' utk student yg lain. Utk dpt A dlm PMR tak sesusah x-m peringkat sekolah... so try ur best, ok.