hahaha, today i went to school. but xblaja satu hari bcause most of our teachers didnt come. so i just borak2 with yaso, mich, fara n aisyah. i talked about tuttt. hahah. fara was damn funny when she talked about crap thingss. huhhh wth. shes very good in those thngs. shaf was absent today, she was lucky bcause her time wasnt wasted like mine ;)

wht do u feel when someone scolds u for no reason? hahaha. * act ths isnt funny at all ;( sddenly cari pasal x tentu pasal hahaha. ntah pape ohhh. seriously, u r such an annoying guy la wehhhh. sometimes i really hate seeing u like ths. dulu laen skg laen. adie2, blh tolong blasah dye x? im sure u will kn2? ;PP

hm thts all la, im off to bed now.
toodless <33

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