i cant wait

huh, im getting busy. i dont hv time for my blog, myspace, frndstr, hi5, tagged, cyworld, bebo n blablabls account. i miss updating my blog everyday. hehh. yeah i know, my blog misses me to ;P

tmorrow im going to school. malas ohh. da la got one h1n1 case in my school oredy. one of the teacher in my school suda kene. alamak! but they all like slumber mumber jehh. nk tggu kene kt diri sendiri ke? seriously, H1N1 or dlm bahase kasarnye selsema babi nie da getting worse.

huh, im jealous of my siss. they no need to go to school. but aideed punye psal i pegy la ;P ahahah. kdding. LOL. act exam KH tmorrow. i dont read anythng yet. but ill make sure the result is A++ haha. i want to get A for my KH. da lme x dpt A for KH. its my last paper for trial exam. yeah, merdeka for a while.

wish me luck ppl ;)) ill update my blog soon. oh ya, i didnt put pics bcause im using my mom's lptop right now, n there is no pics of mine.

MOOD ; 65% good, currently listening to regina's songs. im totally in love with her <3

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