you’ve got that smile

i just got back from my aunt house at sentul, damn tired ohh. i really need a rest but i still want to online ;)

hm, im worried about aideed. he texted me ths evnng :

adie : da mkn?
me : awk okay x nie?
adie : okay jea
me : mak sye ckp idong awk brdarah ohh
adie : a'ah, bukn ade pape pon
n blablabla.

act, ive been told by him tht his head was hitted by tiang goal. but i thought xterok mne. seriously la awk sye takot ohh ble mymom ckp psal awk td. but dye smpat lg bwat lwk ohh, hishh, dye nie mmg poyo btol lohh ;)) aideed, i hope ull be fine sbb sye nk tgk senyuman awk yg chrming tuh ;P hes just like my bro not more thn tht. i care bout him bcause he always care bout me. haha.

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