we are sorry teacher

ths morning went badly ); what happened? ths is what was hppening...

i was at my class (of coz la) n then time Sivik there were a group of my classmates making noise. i was like..

me n others: shut up guys, biadap lerr korg
them: *still making noise
teacher: *was so mad that she scold them.


____: teacher, they all bwat bising bcoz they all x suke ckgu.

me, like what?! huh, she sat down n she said that she dont want to teach us nymore. i knew teacher will be very sad, yes she was. she cried. i saw her face, her eyes );

after recess, yaso,elliza, jovine n dunno who went to staffroom to ask her apologise. we felt so guilty. i dunno what hppened aftr that. but time relief, me n shaf went to form4 class to say sorry.

me: ckgu,sorry ek ckgu psal td. *salam ckgu
shaf: hm,ckgu sorry sgt. *salam n she holds teacher's hand
teacher: hmm, xpe2. yaso xbg taw ke yg sye da maafkn?
me: dh2, but skg nie sye nk minx maaf bg pihak sye. sorry sgt2 ye ckgu kalo sye bwat bising td.
shaf: sye ponn );
teacher: haha,awk xbwat bising pon. ckgu just terase ngn ___ yg ckp mcm tuhh.
me: ohh,tuh la psal, sye pon trkezot gak.
me n shaf: ok lah ckgu, kitorg pegy dulu, bbye. sorry skali lg ye ckgu.
teacher: *smiling*
me n shaf: *looking at each other n said : yeah, we did it ((;

*Sorry teacher, we made you dissapointed, we let you down :(

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