goodbye intervensi

YEAH, finally exam ends. im back to normal. haha. after being 3 days study hard like crazy XD Gosh, i was getting sick of examination and studying and sume lahh.. Its very pleasant for me that I wont have to study all night long from now on. though there is more coming exams but : Goodbye Intervensi exam (; seriously, i dont like ths type of exam

just now, i went to my mom school as usual after school. when i was walking to mymom's office, there were 3 lil boys mcm x pena tgk org. i was like "huh?" their faces looked damn funny. haha. then i just continued my walk (; they were so cute act.

my hand's condition is bad ); it's getting worse. i dunno why. i guess last monday kot seriously sakit gle. then mymom urut every night, thnks ibu <3 she said if i dont want to go to clinic, she'll ask someone who's pro dlm bidang pengurutan. haha, i prefer diurut than xray-ing my hand );


aFdSmKaD said...

p klinik le..aduyai..nk xray poN takut kew...ishk~

Nadya^Cumil said...

kat skolah ni exam skit je cik kak oii..

nanti masuk uni haa.. lagi stress... even kuiz or test je pun stress die dh lebih kurang sama ngn stress final exam.. so bersyukurlah dan bergembiralah sblm masuk uni