today is friday

awat dgn muka ceq?

Im so moodless ths morning. im afraid that teacher will minus my mark bcause i forgot to bring my question paper for bi. pluss smthng else. sorry peah,i was so mad on you, i yelled at u. im sorry ); i really have no mood ths morning. in ag class i was so quiet till ustaz strting to cheer us up. haha.

time recess i became like the real "me" back, im so happy. i dunno why. and i was so jealous. OMG, shaf said that ysterday abg bru ask them smthng. i was like "npe la aq x stay smlm,adoyyy!".

then after recess as usual nthing much happening. HEHE. after school pon mcm biase. but nazmeen mcm ape ntah. he sddenly hit smthng on my head. and one more thng, mybe he will masok my class balek. huhhh!

at my mom's school: smthng hppened. and it is a secret. hahh!

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