cold thrsday (;

today school like usual kot. oh ya, it was raining heavily on ths morning. nice weather to sleep in.. and i went to recess so fast bcause i was so hungry.. haha. HUNGRY GILE. until i asked for more kuewtiaw and the makcik kantin charged me 50 cent. haha. n then time i duty sddenly ckgu tuttt ckp kat one boy nie " lawa ohh " n then d boy said " anak ckgu tuhh " bahaha. then they dissapeared hahaa. i know la u all perli i jehh XD haha. time sejarah plak i send my folio.. oh god, rse syg sgt kat folio tuhh. but wht to do kann. kene hntar jgak ); next, we cleaned d class bcoz tmorrow got Open Day.. hehe. i cant wait for dat, heee ((; time balek plak, haha. first2 i balek with anas n then mal waited me in front of d school and we jalan together.. hahaha. mcm la first time we did dat ((; haha. one more thng,

si dracula keeps calling me ITIK. im sick of it. huh. seriously i said. he nver called me Natasha. pena la 1 2 times he did. fyi, my name is Natasha okay, not itik X(

dracula : oi Itik !
me : (bwat x layan )
dracula : Oi Itik pekak ke?!
me : npe ngn ko nie?

what a dracula! i think the real dracula is better thn him LOL!

my hand is getting btter.. thnks ibu bcause urutkan along pnye tgn smlm (;

huh, "JEMBALANG" pulak da.. i also dont know who the hell is it!!!!! stop dsturbing me please!


aFdSmKaD said...

cover folIo yg cuN tuh sape wat eh???

Natasha Alia said...

ntah,spe eh?