3rd July : Open Day SMKBJ

hoho.. hye u all (; just now i went to school as usual, 7.20 tepat.. today got Open Day.. or 'hari bicara academic' smpai jehh at school all d prefects were at their duty place which mine was at the 3rd floor.. huh, damn bored i tell u.. but xboring sgt kot bcoz ade a prefect asyik amek photo jehh.. hehe.. oh ya, bfore dat i saw someone who i really want to meet.. she's pretty (; im happy though she didnt notice me.. haha. her son pon xnmpak i kott or bwat2 xnmpak. hm, wtever la ;(
my duty ends on about 8.30. then me n my friends were having a photoshoot for AMOILICIN. i called mymom then mymom smpai dlm pukol 10.30, then wait until my turn.. lme gle ); hehe..

again, i get nmber 1.. 8A3B.. haha. terbaek wokk! senyum sampai ke telinga X)

ths hantu keeps dsturbing me n nadiah.. if u are human better u do other work than dsturbing ppl. pegy la study ke, solat sunat ke. huh,

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heheee said...

here it is..
a poem for u miss tasha...

You look, so good
I cant, believe it
Im out, my mind
I shouldnt be but oh
Women like you steal my control
Seen it across
My spot is next door
Come on..
Girl dont be scared (be scared)
Now Baby..

Help me help me help me
I want you to help me help me help me..
I cant stop myself..
You have been lovely..
I wanna have you screamin..
Love me roughly..

I need a little bit of help
Keep raisin the body count
When ever I take em out
I end up takin em down
Can you help me help me help me
Shoot me or sumthin
Help me help me help me
Do me or sumthin
I need help...