Sunday Morning

hey ppl, i woke up early today coz i hv stomachache.. haha.. last night i studied Science, Math n Sejarah.. tmorrow got intervensi maa.. lohh. but i just target 4A only. hehe. bcoz i hate INTERVENSI EXAM. most of the questions x ikot format PMR. nie yg i lemah nie );

aftr ths my mom will bring my sis to Sg Besi. mybe Im not going. I feel like i want to stay at home and stdy. also I want to surf, aahah oppps. i know, i will get a BIG NO NO from my mom. she's not going to let me surfing(bukan surfing dlm laut tuh ye) hehh.

I want to get an A again for my science (; so pray for me ok peeps X)

dats all, im going to update ths blog later. bye my little friend!

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