good + bad news

i wish i can be better than now.

the good one : yeayy! i get nmber 1 in my class, again.. im happy, for sure.. ths is my 2nd time i get nmber 1.. although im at the 2nd class but i get 8A 3B ;DD my mom was proud of me.. hhehe. thnk You Allah (;

ths is really bad : my right hand TERSELIUH babesss yesterday. haha. saket gle. i cant even bengkokkan my hand. how was ths thing happened? i was playing 'bola tampar' with friends n then there was a ball which came towards me. i tried to hit d ball but last2 i yg kene hit.. what a SHAME.. pn. Zakiah nk letak spray but i said NO need. so she just put the ice-sss. nyesal aq maen ); mybe tmorrow bru i balut. hr nie malu nk balut.. hehe.

"HANTU", i dunno who the hell is ths.???

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