Diagnostic Exam Results (satisfied)

Hyeee guys ((; its been like 5 days since I last blogged.. huhu.. miss my blog so damn much.. did u all you miss me ? hehehehe. poyo jehh aq ;D

ok, i got bac
k my exam papers in this week... hmm.
I am quite dissapointed with my results..
but all my results
are just between A and B ..
no more C yeahhh !! NO MORE C babess. haha.
so im so so so satisfied n damn happy la wehh (; but yet, still dissapointed );
ok,tnpe mmbuang mse ill show u my resultss.. hehe


BM ; 76
BI ; 67
Math : 74
Science ; 74
Sejarah : 69
KH ; 70
Geo ; 82
Agama ; 93

not so important results

PJK : 100 / 98 ?
PSV ; 80
SV ; 77

bwat malu jehh );

at last my efforts were paid off.. quite satisfied this time..
Agama, i dont expect dat much for my Ag but thank you Allah (;
Sejarah i get 69 which is
lower than I've aimed for.. I hoped to get at least 70 above but never mind that.
Geo, as usual ; 80 above, heheh (kembangg) ((;
BI, teacher said my speech was good, haha.. tgk la spe yg bwat ;DD
PJK? hahahaha. i suppose to get 100 but i dunno why sddenly teacher minus my marks, WTH? haha idc at all,

yg laen OK OK jehhh ;D
my tuition teacher want me to get 85 n above in math, science n Bi for next exam.. 85? gle ahh.

hehh. so what should i say?
i cant give a lame excuse and say that the papers are hard right?

So,i must study really hard and don't always sleep and myspace-ing pluss blogging too much.

wtv it was, all I can just say is.. Alhamdulillah (;

today (;

___ saw me near d canteen n then he mcm nk tego, at first i nk senyum je kat dye but then i bwat dunno je bcoz i need to do my duty on dat moment ); quite scared bcos tkot kene serang ngn his peminat XD
lgpon he walked with his friend.. kalo x, i tego dye dlu kot. hehe.
i told shaf bout ths n she quite jealous.. haha.. naseb r shaf knn (;

Im feeling sleepy.. Alright, going off for now. bbye my dear-sss ;D

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aFdSmKaD said...

math 74???ishk...awat x dpat 94???
pat2 next exam dapatkan 94 :)