Father's Day.

hoho, today is father's day.. i want to wish 'happy fther's day' to all dads in d world especially to my fther, Sahazali b Awang Deraman.. surprises? yeah, we did some surprises to him.. n it was fun although mnggelabah glee.. haha.. me n mysiss woke up early in ths morning n make a 'wannabe cake' to him while he was at d market with mymom, haha, ahhh, i dont want to talk much about my fther.. he is just a simple ppl who likes simple thngs.. blablabla

he is d most funny man i ever knew XD
"abah, abah la bapak yg paling poyo d alam smesta." bhahahah.

I Really Love You No Matter What <3>

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