Holiday ends, School starts.

I really need a stop in time, everything's going way too fast.. Im 6 hours into school already, Booooo.. im still in a holiday mood though, I wish i dont have to come to school tmorrow ((;

PMR is coming soon babeess.. haha..
Yes, for sure I need to study. everyone need to study ok.. hehh..
okay,I'll study.. i promise i'll study, dont worry mom XD
ill stdy, ill stdy, uhhhh,



to pmr candidates; kitorang senasib kann? haha.
gud luck everyone ((;


So,I'll be seldom online and hope you guys will not miss me..HAHA

Tmrrow's gonna be a looooooooong day in school.. better be off to get some rest now.

Take care peeps! *hugz*.

*ill miss d holiday (;*
* and ill miss u too*

goodbye for now,

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