8th December ♥

Anastassia Isabella Othman. well it's your birthday and you'll get your supra on your 20th Birthday since i got no money to buy that supra. i guess you're now into JB. Goshhh. You know what Anas,  you're the awesome-est bestfriend i've ever had. Okay this is kinda crazy but setiap hari aku mintak kau tiba2 ada kat SABDA tu. hehe.With you, i've learned many things. Ingat lagi time aku nangis and kau nangis jugak tu wkakaka. Kelakar betul. I've learned that life is so precious. You are truly a gift from Allah. I thanked Allah for that. I am so grateful to be your gayfriend,forever will. I'm here hoping that your day will be blessed with love, family, friends and lots of fun! and I'm sitting here with my sleepy eyes but i still think of you haih I really miss you right now. makan tak kenyang mandi tak basah lagi haha. Adush. and get away from your imaginary boyfie. get the real one lah syg. baru feeling sikit Haha. LOVE YOUUUU <3 muah muah muah haha. Happy Birthday 

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