Zoooo Weee Mama

Sunday with family. nothing much happened. just kat pasar jumpa abg jual ayam sengal. tiba2 teringat kat Arwah Abg Din (kami regular customer dia) yg accident a few years ago. Al-Fatihah.

Monday. went out. saw Lagenda Budak Setan at Pavillion. that movie is not bad at all. i can give 4 stars for that movie. Kasyah was hot. i wish someday i'll get a guy as loyal as him ;)  tapi kan, story line terlalu cepat. and i didnt even had a chance to feel tears on my cheek. kering je sampai habis. hehe. 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is way much better than it. Oh ya, last two weeks i went out with Kecik, Irfan, Adam and 'sape entah lagi sorang tu' ;P we saw that movie and it was the best. LOVE IT. Devon Bostick was hot in this movie. damn HOT. and Manny? kalau i ada adik mcm dia dah lama mati kena tonyoh. arghhhh. can't wait to watch Diary Of a Wimpy Kid 2 ;) haha zooo weee mama! ok moving on, went to PWTC by a taxi after experienced a bad moment in the KTM. Youth 2010! ahhh dah sampai sana tak sampai 30 minutes i already had to go home. my mom was worried. tak puas lah. dah lah salah naik train. Bagus sangat lah tu. 

my picture will be uploaded soon.

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