i can see nothing from here

oh heyy guys. how's your weekend? hahh sorry for not posting the straight past 3 days. busy with school and family hehe. my first week of school was filled with 'wahhh gle lahh', haha. mcm culture shock plak. got my add math homework. and hmmm arghh forgot already. need to check my other hws in my note book later.

i guess today will be 'my very busy day'. im engaged with a lot of hws. no, it's not that A LOT virtually. ahh whatever it is my hws must be completed or i'll be a slacker like i used to be haha. so guys i wont be updated until i am immune from homeworks.

i went to SCP just now. bought my sis's spectacles. i had my eyes checkup either. the macho man said that i am the one who need to wear spectacles. hahh? NO mann! is my face going to be like one of them?


Oh my dearrr. my face look terribly bad mann. feel like to run around the school and shriek out " DONT you ever dare to open THAT PAGE where my face look like a tuttt" hahha. hahh biarlahh nasi da jadi bubur. hmm sedap jugak ek, da lame i x makan bubur wkakaka XD but i loveee my class picture LOL. (im talking about my school magazine *forgot to mention that) hehehe.

let me show you the real platesss
haha ;

got to sleep. Salam ;D

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