cool school

x faham ke dik?mehh sini kakak ajar ye haha XD

i am loving school now. yeahh i'll try to calibrate myself, i found out that it is onerous being a science stream student but hell yeah i'll do my best. the guy who sat in front of me, *nameless. he always make me to puke for his dracula-like vein. but hmm it's fine i dont mind that. at least i have someone to kid with.

it's fthird day of the week and i've already been given a task for physic's subject. i need to spent my almost free time to do that task. it's actually just a scrap book. haha ;D but i am so blurr and i have no idea how to begin, blablabla.

sejarah was really fun. i had so much joyyy. i love when Mrs Pardeep make use of her 'creativeness' in class. haha. all the dum dum dum bahahah. aduhh censored! wkaka. AG we have to sit on the floor since all the tables and chairs were gone *merajuk sbb sye da lme x masok wkaka.

i miss 4 Cemerlang. sorry michelle, and blablabla ;( hehe. im not being a betrayer haha. my mom wants me to stay in 4B. alaaa, we're still in the same school maaa ;D *sedihhh

just had a chat with my school teacher just now. in FB. asked her about add math. haha. miss her a lot though i meet her everyday in school. i wish she could teach me this year,

daaa, i know it's getting bored in here. i wrote almost all my daily journey hehe. well, it is Nat's Babble. my babble my celoteh and my blablabla.

i am done with my babblement. Salam. have a nice and bright day tomorrow! ;D

missing my gayfriend so much ;')