Salam Maal Hijrah 1431

Salam Maal Hijrah 1431. time's running so fast kan? aduhh. i'm now getting older already lohh. hehh. result PMR will be released next week on 24th December (not sure yet) (very sure). Ya Allah nervous ku ini hanya Allah je yg tahu arghhh ;( hopefully the result will be A A A A A A A A ;D i want those As.

Hijrah means berpindah dari satu tempat ke tempat yg laen. even me, i pon nk 'berhijrah' lah. i think i need 'berhijrah'.to be a better person and be stronger. i want to be more cool. haha. i want to be more matured. yeah yeah matured la sgt. and mcm2 lg. i'll try babes. i'm going 16 lohh. 16? Ya Allah rasa mcm baru je turun pentas mse nyanyi lagu 'katak si katak lompat' time kecik2 dulu ;( *rindu plak

okay guys, im wishing you all to have a successful and prospercus new year. oh ya, i would like to thank my family and friends for brightening my day and life that sometimes seem quite dark. hwawawa XD

Birthdays in December.

btw,today is also birthday of my bff, Suraya Hanis bt Abdul Halil. i lovee youu Daten. she's my bestfriend since i was eight years old. *kelam kabut ayat. hehh. perghh lama tuh, yesterday plak Adi's birthday. he called me first baru i teringat birthday dye, heheh. sorry2 ;) and last monday, 14th December my cousin's birthday aka hotty's birthday hwawa. Aina Zaireynna bt Md Zainuddin. i love youu guyss <3

 Suraya Hanis bt Abdul Halil,
17th December 1994 ;D

Aina Zaireynna bt Md Zainuddin,
14th December 1987

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You,


wawa_olala said...

HYE. im sorry for being late seeing ur blog :)
btw, thanks visit mine.
im birthday on dec too. hee.

Lm10-Lionel Messi fan said...

wehh!best la blog:D
anyway selamat tahun baru:D
semangat baru caiyok!!

aFdSmKaD said...