Suraya VS Afiq

Suraya...seperti mana kau dan mentari.. lalala
hahah. wehh rindu gle laaa.
wehh anas, tgk tgn sue tuh. hahaha.
lentik babess hwawa.

"tgh bwat pe tuh haa?" Ya Allah. when i heard his voice argh i just couldn't tahan anymore. i miss youuu so much Afiq! yeah i've changed my mind, i nk balik jugak la kampung. haha. even my dad is going to drive Vitara due to the bad weather at kelantan. u know what i mean right, BANJIR.

i'll be like "argh susah nye nk tido"..."eee, bile nk sampai nie?"... "tepilah b along nk tdo laa" when i'm in that car ;( i'm not being ungrateful or what but i prefer merz instead of Vitara of course. more comfortable and bigger. i can also sleep in any style i want X(

oh ya,thank god there's still an egg and a pack of maggie left in my refrigerator. haha. so ape lg kebas teroz and bwat maggie before b kebas hwawa. sorry b, haha.

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