oi akak!

today is d first day i jage form 4K. they all so quiet jehh but there were some of gurls (from other class) mcm tutt jehh. they all seriously have no manners! i dunno la if they were having period or what.

to sisterss yg dihormati! : i hv somethng to tell u, please la makcik oi, no need to show ur rudeness, i know tht u all are my seniors but please do respect other ppl too. u all igt skola tuh bpk u all yg punye ke? blah la akak! jean jing said u all have no brain! yeah i totally agreed with her, U're just same with those b___ ! im sorry to say, but u are akak. sabar sye nie ade had nye jugak ye akak.

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aFdSmKaD said...

alahai..cian kat adik ni..
len kali sepak jew akak2 2..