i woke up early ths morning bcause i need to go to SM Teknik KL for teknik menjawab science paper 2. so i didnt come to school la today (; thnk god tht i didnt bcause i dont want to see the faces of kakak2 tuhh. HAHA, i didnt see any abg hndsome at there at first. we went to dewan to register our name and find a sit. HUH, they didnt allow us to sit together. at least 2 org jehh yg blh dok bersame. so i sat with shaf while nad with angeline,

then we met farahin (skola saujana) she s pretty lohh (; still skinny mcm dulu ;P there were 2 boys from smk sg besi sat with us. i was like "mcm pena jmpe je bdak nie ohh". so i asked him whats his name n he said Amir Farid. LOL! we were in the same class when we were in stndrd 4,5 and 6 kat skola agame. HAHA. i love talking with him n his friend, Faiez Haiqal. they were damn funny. otak diorg sme jeh ngn otak sye lohh XD we were like laughing the whole time. our group jehh yg bising while the others were so quiet ;))

oh ya, there was a guy who was wearing a black shirt (HES DAMN CUTE ). he sat infront of the bilik wtever. i hv no idea wht he was doing there. n then kan we walked in front of him. cover tuhh mmg la cover kan (of course la) while i was walking he said smthng like "pengawas.." but i did nthng bcause im not gatal, BAHAHA.

about the teknik menjawab blabla. i think it was beneficial (ayat shaf) HAHA. they gave us some tips to answer all the questions in paper two. thnk u ckgu yuna, pn Chin n "i dunno who"

weirdoo huhh

tired facess X)

gtg now, i hv hmwork to do *_*

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