im bored

i didnt go anywhere on tuesday,wdnesday, thrsday n so on friday ); tuition-ing jeh keje c(; and yeah, i feel kinda bored but still can online.. i spend most of my free times with my piano.. ths is just d way i can release my tention or wtever.. Oh God, i really miss school n everyone.. my dad's always busy.. my mom? xkn nk always ask utk shpping kot kn? whahha. so i just stay at home online-ing until my mom da mara2.. sorry mom, i was n am so bored gle ); yeah,i need some fresh air XD im hoping dat mydad will bring me to somewhere ths weekend ;D

dont read this, ;DD
seriously i miss him.. i dunno why sddenly i miss him.. last wdnesday we chatted in myspace.. da lme kitorg x msg ); last skali dye call pon time his bday on last april.. i miss his jokess, his cute baby face n evrything about him.. he still lg mcm dlu but now he kinda smbong to me.. nvm, i dont care at all act bcoz at least he still rmember one of his old admirer <3
i like him bcoz he knows how to respect a girl (; hes cute n damn funny.. time kat skola rndah we rapat mse mymom rampas his phne.. haha.. he begged me for his phne.. haha.. im not sure mymom gave it back or not.. pity him.. n then we always went to d same places everytime school organize lawatan.. such as at melaka, genting highland, cameron highland n many more.. its like ' dimana ade dye, disitu ade i ((; ' he is d most hndsome guy i ever know.. n im proud to be his friend (; im not going to put his pic bcoz u all akan tergoda nnt. bahahah (;

oh ya btw, i just create my 2nd blog which i share with my friends, anas, peah n nadia.. follow us ok.. i dont hv any idea why we put amoi licin as its title.. haha..

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NedDy said...

hehehe... cumil2 amoi licin tuh ..ahaks.