lonely no more

I fell asleep at 2.30am last night. Whoa.. i cant believe it.. i was watching musher's vdeo on my bed with anas when i felt so sleepy... So off to bed, i went (; actually i couldnt wake up on time but i did wake up early... but i drifted off to sleep again. Oh well..haha ;DD

tmorrow we will go to KLCC at 9 am.. so we need to wake up at 7 somethng.. hm. i dont think i can wake up dat early bcause usually i sleep late almost every nite.. hoho.. i mean, 9 am? wahhh,

last snday i went to SCP with my mom,sis,aunt n my cousins.. maen bowling until my hand nk patah.. 3 games tuhh.. haha.. honestly, im not so good in playing bowling.. huh,wtever. idc XD

just now anas talked with someone who i adored.. argghh! for more information click here.. bahaha.

ok, dats all, i have to do smthing with my amoi licin's blog.. daa..

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