Aidilfitri Week

I am not going to type exactly what happened during the week, just enough for you to read it. I know I will be the only one who'll read the whole post. Hahaha maybe. I'll make it short and simple. Not so short but err

Malam Raya, OhMahGod It's my birthday plus preparation for raya,

First day, Wake up early, get ready, all yellow in color. then took a lot of pictures until i have to delete some of my old's photos. then went to my dad's side house at Tokong. Yeah i tertidur kat rumah nenek sedara I, aduh malu sungguh. I was too tired.

Second day,
Beraya di rumah saudara2 terdekat, and nothing happened.

Third day, My aunt did a jamuan, so we went there and to Kubang Kerian. Petang, argh Cik An brought me and sisters to McD KB. then i met a hot guy. pergh handsome sangat tahu tak haha. habis je order,
CikAn: Along nk pape lg tak?
Along: dlm hati *nk abg tu je lah hahaha.

Fourth day, Went for an Aqiqah and a kenduri, met some old friends from SKBJ. haha OMG they're totally handsome but younger than me. okay not in my list. At 12, we went back to KL ;( I have already missed them.

Fifth Day, Stayed at home online-ing and wasting time,

Sixth Day, Went to Pavi on Thursday. Yeah shopping much. watched a movie called Going on Distance. Pergh that movie is sooooo 18 and above XD I bought a white shirt at Romp and at Cotton On. yg lain beli jeans,and some t-shirts. Yeah I had so much fun! Thanks (;

Seventh Day, Had an open house to En. Luqman's house at Alam Sutera. open house or something like jamuan for his daughters who'll face UPSR and SPM soon. Wahhh. goodluck guys ;) At night got BBQ at my dad's office.

Eighth Day, Here, I'm on my bed typing this craps. U know what guys, my sister was just getting on my nerves just now. and it was like arghhhh.

Ninth Day, Maybe, will be going to buy my hostel's stuff and foods. Oh god i'm so going to be like a mamee monster one day.

Last Day, Sunday. I knew it! fakinpooijnpinbqiuyrbfiqyencof! Argh I hate Sunday. don't ask me why. I have to go back to the not-so-called-a-dreamland again. I guess some students love that place and can't wait to see their friends and whatsoever. Yeah I am so glad that you love it like duhhhh. okay sorry, I don't hate studying there but I still can't accept the fact that I am now studying in that school. So I need to stay there for another 1 month and 2 weeks huh? Oh f Great!

I just had my last FR chocolate and I want moreeee! so that's all for today. Salam ;D

gonna miss this raya and them.