i saw you.

went to UPM's clinic for medical check up last wednesday. argh. never thought of the blood test grrrrr. eyes check up, urine test, blood test (the most scary one), x-ray (kinda hate it), and finished. Yipppy. and then my mom brought me to buy presents for my teachers.

thursday. nothing much happened, abg bru asked me to lepak with him for the last time but i couldnt. im sorry. i just cant. hm. second last day of school, i already felt bad.

oh yaaa, there's a boy in my mymom's school. argh he's so cute, love him! XD

sorry la kpd mak budak nie:
sye curi amek gmbar anak aunt sbb dye handsome la aunt. nk jd menantu aunt boleh?
16-7=9. alaaa 9 tahun je beza. hwawa.

he's too cute to be ignored laa aduhh ;D

yeah i was with you. then you walked away from me leaving me behind you, why i was still waiting for you to turn behind? you got the answer

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