Tomorrow never dies,

as i've wrote or type *whatever, i went to The Mall to buy shirts for my grandpa with my aunts. last saturday night. and we had dinner at the Memory Corner. then went to surau for solat Maghrib. there was something that made me so quite resentful argh.

gambar sekadar hiasan umah XD

i really don't think a group of people (choir) should sing near the Surau at that moment (Maghrib) aduhh. at least they must show their respect to other people (in the surau) even in the mall. i just feel upset about that. and totally annoyed with their voices when i was praying. i have to take three times to repeat the same doa because i couldn't concentrate (khusyuk). hm okay *shut my mouth. nothing can be done. haha.

and one more thing, i saw a group of salesman. quite goodlooking. ahhhh,sudah2 laa. they were arguing about something. actually it's more like fighting. but no punching around. just heard them from far. quite near actually. haha. what a good workers ;D

will be continued,
after my results ;)

yeah tomorrow never dies, but i will ;(

"yeah im terrified, but im not leaving, i know that i must pass this test, so just pull the trigger..."

*right left click to see it clearly ;)

Ya Allah,

Kau berikanlah aku dan semua calon PMR 2009
keputusan yg cemerlang pada kali ini.
Amin ;)

yeahh good luck to me
and all the pmr candidates ;D


Aqilah said...

Em,kalau Qilah jadi Along pun,Qilah x boleh khusyuk..ish3..x sopan sungguh lah...

Farahani (: said...


Goodluck buat Kak Tasha!
Semoga dpt keputusan yg cemerlang!

Anonymous said...

Aminn !
Good luck to you :)