So you think you can dance?

my gorgeous cousins came and we had dinner together last night. yeah they're damn cute like ehem2. hwawa. Syamimi and Safiya. argh. geram!

okay i think i am now addicted to 'So You Think You Can Dance'. but i only watch until season 4. baru season 4? hwawa. yeah Joshua Allen won. hm boleh la. Twitch's better. he's funny ;D

i love Mark Kanemura. he's kinda weird but he's so unique. his smile makes me melt argh ;D everytime i saw him on TV i'll arghh. haha. oh ya he came from Hawaii. Honolululululululu hwawa. i love HAWAII too! XDD

and one of the judges, what her name huhh hmm haaa, Mary! ahaha. she always screaming but her face still didn't move because of the botox. haha. i think she's the most hilarious woman i've ever seen. every time she screamed or laughed i'll be like "she's weird-oo".."she's crazyy" but she'll always be the television's Queen of Scream,

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