Love your neighbor

sorry guys it has been like a day since i last blogged. hehh. don't want to talk much. just want to update about what happened last friday night ;D

that night i was in the family hall watching tv. and suddenly my mom shouted "cik ana kena blablabla!" i was so blured *as usual, and i asked my mom what's going on. and my mom said my neighbor was injured badly. arghh. takot gle sehh. her right hand cedera teruk sbb kena pinggan pecah. my mom cepat2 balut and my dad drove her to Hospital Kajang. so i've to take care of her daughter.

so guys, be nice to your neighbor *huh? blank. hee

info: neighbor is the people who lives near or next to another. haha XD

tuttttt. topic changed.

The Amazing Race Asia Season 2

Adrian & Collin won. Pamela & Vanessa at second place. third, the handsome dude, Mark & Rovilson ;P i loveee this season because there's Mark in there. haha.

The Amazing Race Asia Season 3

Oliver! haha. he's sooo cute! Vince and Sam were the winner. Ida and Tania from Malaysia tempat ketiga ;) this season hmmm quite okayy but i like the second season better ;D

The Amazing Race Asia 4?

natasha alia won. hwawa ;P
yeah yeah lahh.
oh ya sorry, season one tidak tertera di atas.

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