hoho. "kalo abah nampak nie mati aku" LOL.

yeah today is Wednesday. oh
ya, hr nie form 5 students da start SPM ek? wahh. okay,i'm wishing them all the best and do well in their exams ;) after penat lelah you guys so kene bwat la yg terbaik. study2 jugak, dkat Allah pon kene doa slaloo. InsyaAllah akan dpt jwb dgn tenang.

just now my cousins and his family from kelate went to my house. haha. seronok plus ntahla ble jumpa. and to Akmal Arif goodluck. ahaha. kesian dye x dpt dtg sbb exam ;) xpe2. after exam nnt i kte hang out together-gether. haha.

ish teringat plak pasal smlm x dpt ikot kak uti and along aina ;( argh tension. hwawa.

"You must never allow yourself to believe or feel that Allah has treated you unfairly or that He has placed upon you a burden you cannot shoulder for {On no soul does Allah place a burden greater than it can bear.} (Al-Baqarah 2:286)"

yeah this is so true mann. i love it. so guys, if you find yourself in any bad situation, surely you know that those things are the things that you definitely can handle right? so just keep it strong babes. and be cool. so goodluck again to all SPM candidates. don't stress too much ;)

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