my class party

yesterday evening i was at Pizza Hut, Sri Petaling. and i was the last person who reached there. as i reached there all my classmates da abes mkn. Huh thank God Ustaz Amir ordered another pizza for me. haha. thank youu ustaz ;)

and the class party ended at about 6.30 PM. guess what? mydad was so busy at that time and he picked me up at 9 PM. huh. he asked me to wait him at the Hotel Sri Petaling's lobby. so i just sat there doing nothing mcm org gila pon ade. haha. thanks to fara,nadhirah and aisya because they are willing to accompany me to go there. love you guys <33

i stole this pic (up there) from Yung Sing. haha.

more pictures will be uploaded soon heheh ;)

im currently watching 'Jantung Itu Bukan Milikmu'
quite emotional story, and there's Zul Huzaimy in there.
so it is a 'must' for me to watch it.

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