Last day of school 09

yeah hye people. i'm here to tell you that "im done with my year of form 3 " btol ke yg i tulis tuh? haha. okay just now i went to school and helped teacher in the library. wah, penat taw. haha. Pn Azlina bought us some kuih muih to eat in there. thanks cikgu. szarra,aishah,aye,shaf,anas,angeline,kimberly thanks to you guys kerana telah memerah keringat sepanjang perjuangan kita di dalam perpustakaan tadi. heheh. and time balik ehem2. haha. okay i took some pictures of mine and the gang in the library. i love you guyss <33

goodbye SMKBJ haha.

topic change

arghh im so jealous of my aunt
baru abes 3G with her. and guess what?
argh she's at kl plaza now with along aina and kak uti
while i'm here typing this. argh wth
im going there tomorrow after kenduri
oh kenduri. mengapa esok? mengapa tidak lusa, tulat..
aku tidak mengerti. hwawa

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