Beryl's vs Yakult

last monday we went to beryl's and yakult's factory. we went there by Cik Baayah. haha. thanks cik baayah! nothing much interesting there but i was happy act. we watched some clips about the chocolate process and a japanese twin girls. hehh.

haha everyone in the bus were busy posing.

this is our Cik Baayah

Beryl's. yumm yumm.

super giant fake chocolate. at least it's just a chocolate.

nadia has transformed into a big *i dont know what the hell is that thing

i bought a pack of chocolate jugak even i am not chocolate-lover. haha

Yakult, Yakult

lihat hidungku yg mancung. hwawa.

mcm2 ada

aik kak, dating nampak. hwawa.

it looks like in the terminator movie lol

"i'm the king of the world"

goodbye Yakult. i'll miss you, heh

shhhh, please do not disturb us. we are dreaming of handsome guys.

haha. i'm so tired. i'm not going to school tomorrow. and bbye. i love youu ;)

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