i went to school and it was really 'membosankan'. i pegy pon bcause i need to return all my textbooks. oh ya, i lost my dr jekyll's novel. HAHA. i hv to pay rm 4.00 for tht and rm 2.00 more sbb x balut 4 out of the books ;) and then i bersembang ngn pn aznira about a lot of things. i love to talk with her ;) i brought phone to school, many of them bawak but we can just secretly use for bluetooth anything. i dont even have any chance to take photos with friends ;(
then recess time sume prefects kena bebel. huhh, seriously i da penat dgn semua tuhh X(

aftr recess we have ceramah about sekolah teknik. im not interested on tht thngy but i listened to the penceramah bcause pity her, everyone was making noise n she was like talking only to herself ;D
but i still prefer skolah menengah sains <3

while listening to the ceramah, me, anas, peah ann nad were talking bout somethng else. we talked bout future, biology stuff and many more. and then suddenly shafiah asked us "wehhh,colour ape yg berbise?" and i answered " merah? black? kuning? ahhh, colour ape?" then dye ckp " lohhh, xkn korg xtaw? kala jengking lahhh" LOL, poyo gle. owg tgh serious ckp psal biology, tetibe plak kluar topic nie.

aftr tht we played
"billionair" HAHA. tht was so fun lahh. fyi, i paling byk tanah while shafiah paling byk duit. HOHOHO ;DDD

i think :

* someone is HAHA and he / she is a copy cat.
* someone is getting on my nerves.
* i miss PMR.
* im going out with farhan HAHA
* im already gone from his life ;)
* mymom is mad on me,

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