Back from PMR,

fuhh, finally im DONE with PMR!

I still cant believe its officially over! what a relief (; I know ive not been updating, sorry guys ;)

so now im free as a bird. fyi, I DID NOT go out during my exams week, just stay jehh kat rumah and study,study and study. hopefully my sacrification worth it.

im planning with anas to go out someday, sometime, but we hv no idea where will it be. we all kene tggu daten suraya balek kL bru blh hangout. LOL. yeahhh, i really want to go out and have fun!

okay, im loving ths! The enjoyable life! So relaxing, you know. like no need to think about exams n books. also i can myspacing and blogging for everyday. everynight ;))

i hv soooo many stories and thngs to be updated. and ill update it soon okay. i just malas and too happy to type it. tatatata ppl ;DD

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