dan and bibik HAHA

at aquaria,

HEHE, my birthday is on ths wednesday!. hv u bought me present? HAHA.

my maid is not here rght now ); and she wont be here anymore. so sume keje mymom yg buat pluss me n my sisters lohhh ;D
hm, i miss my bibik. i always asked her "ok x bibik?" "cantik x bibik?" ;P
and she always called me syg n si cantik, agagaga i like ;DD

school: boringggg. just gossipping with anas an shaf. HAHA. we talked a lot. A LOT! im not going to say what we hv been talking about HAHA. nnt ade org mara. sorry ;P one more thng, nasrul si gedik tuh x leh bla ohh td XD

i lost my IC n my USB connection wire (wtv la) hm, if u ade nmpak ckp kat sye taw :DD

im off to bed, i got a lot of test papers n exercises. huh, PMR is just around the corner babes.
toodles ;))

and oh ya, i already cut my hair. i lovee my new haircut ;))


Nadya^Cumil said...

no prezzie for u this year... hahahaha

AiN said...

happy bezday