Away to PMR,

hey hey, how was ur raya? i cant update bout my raya now bcause i need to focus on my pmr. hoooo, lebih kurang 2 weeks left. soo damn scaryy mann ;( ill miss my blog so much.


im going to do my best. best jeh? hmm. bestest lahhh. HAHA. bestest? is there any word 'bestest' in the dictionary? no? it should be! AHAHA.

no more tv, no more myspace, blog n wteva lahhh X(
im not going to online until my pmr abess on 12/10.
so just wait and see.

to all pmr candidates : im wishing u the best, bester and bestest HAHA

goodbye everyone!
sob sob ;)


Nadya^Cumil said...

Good Luck dear sissy

AiN said...

Good Luck For PMR ;)

8A eh....

Ahad kiterorg pi umah mak uda sbb ade 0pen house

Amir ! said...

yeah i hope so.