it's august already?

it has been soooo long since i last blogged. yeah, soooo long. i really miss my blog ohh. i have soooo many thngs to tell. yeah, manyyyy ((; but im going to put some pics of it jehh. so sorry. im kinda lazy to write it alll.

i just finished my trial exam. but act got one more paper n thts KH, fyi, i dont read KH.
i just got my science mark, hahahaha. terribly bad. 58 je. im going to make sure mr raja wont ask me "brape u dpt for science?" huhhh, and seriously i wonder why there are SOME students in my class can get highhh mark. impossible la wehh. Jovine yg good in science pon dpt 62 jehh. i know u are such a liar. m i rite? just admit it!

pls dont read ths if u r not Abg bru,
ure such a good friend n brother. ure kind to me, u care about me. n of coz u r hndsome. hehe. ure the best ;)

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