haha, its funny when tht red spnder bitch didnt learn from her mistakes, HAHA. mcm ape ntah dye. shes quite perfect but plss, dont said ppl mcm itulah inilah. sometimes i really feel sorry to her bf bcause shes act not like he think. . i know im a bit mean to her rite now.

im bored. i just went to buy my baju raye. its totally in purple n pink colours. n also black. HAHA. loveee it. my tuition hmwork x siap yet n im getting lazy to finish it. malas plus penat. i cant wait for my day HEHE. (9 september) dont u ever forget tht ;PP

i saw ths blind man playing with her daughters
location; station LRT masjid jamek
im so touched oh ;'(

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