where are you?

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what a boring day ); i just went to d market n nthng much hppened.

last night i went to visit my cousin, Faris at hospital pusrawi. hm, he looked weak. pity him. oh ya, ive lost my blog friend, nadeeah amoi celup hehh. She privated her blog. hm, i hv no idea why she did that. there will be no more boikot hantu. i hope shell be fine n create a new blog so tht we can talk about her bf (hehe) n anything. im bored. i hv nothing to do except finishing my hw. huh,

tonight im going to manjalara. mymom jd juruacara for Asrama blablabla kebangsaan. IM PROUD OF U MOM, ily. then i asked mydad to bring us shopping. haha. my dad said yes. n i hope there is no more MUNGKIR JANJI like ysterday, mydad asked me to finish my hw first then we can follow him. HAHA. my hw finished oredy LOL.

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