we're no angels

haha, i love ths movie. i already watched it twice. ok,today is sunday (; i hate sunday act. bcause i need to get ready for tmorrow (school time) huhhh. ths morning mymom brought me n sume la to sg besi as usual to buy brg2 dapur. mysis n mydad wasnt here bcause they went to johor. hm,then i just stay at home goyang kaki (;

ohh,nabila (mycousin) was here too. haha. she damn funny LOL. its been soo long since i last met her. n now, she already at her home kot while im typing ths all boring about

tmorrow im going to have my form3 injection. i think i am just the one in my school yg x kena lg. wtever la,yg penting im feeling lazy plus scared to go to school tmorrow.

gtg now, bbye dear-sss <3

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