rebut naruto


today was fun (; HAHA. but there is nothing to do with naruto or wtever. HAHAH, i laughed so much today bcause of Yaso, Mich n Szarra. they all kn mcm ..... ohh hr nie HAHAHAHA. i dunno la (; i love them la X)

today got latihan kebakaran at school. at tht time i was writing my ringkasan n i really wanted to pass up tht book today but damn i couldnt, bcause of the latihan kebakaran. yaso shouted "kebakaran kebakaran, run run!" bfore we went down. HAHAHA. aftr tht tutttt (;

then time geo pn maznah wasnt in my class n we sddenly talked about naruto. HAHA. xde angin xde ribut. at first i asked yaso about naruto stuff n then szarra told us tht naruto will die. yaso x puas hati then he asked kim, jia yong n dunno who. then they berdebate about tht XDDD

abg bru texted me ths evening. n he asked me to text him ths night, i think i wont kot. im feeling kinda lazy to text him ;P i really wanted to text somebody else.

ANAS is going to watch the match between MAS n MU! wth! i already asked my mom bout tht but mymom didnt allow me to follow her bcause "i dunno why"?? why why why?????

i need to continue doing my sivik work. ok then bbye (;


Anggerek said...

kalo ibu allow tu, satu keajaiban berlaku ;)

.. said...
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.. said...

hehehe...takpe2. nt cik ha n along aina culik along g karaoke nak?? shhhhh...