kelam kabut

huh,im feeling unwell and i really need some rest. at class plak i had stomachache that i was so quiet. damn quiet. i spent half of my science period with sleeping. i really wanted to stay today bcause i got bengkel tajwid but sorry ustazah im not so well today. i think it is the effect of the injection tht i had ysterday ); huh wtever. adie send me msg telling me sorry, tke care my self n blablabla. tht really makes me fine enough. honestly to all her admirer, i dont have any feeling towards him. dulu jehh ;DD hehe. although he is the most handsome guy in form4 (; haha

i know that my grammar is bad, sorry.

"..And the days they go on and on
As all the time I'm all alone
It never pays me to say that I'm not ok
But you still have time to make fun of me.."
..fine- bunkface

dats all kot, i need to get ready for tuition. mr raja will be here at anytime (;
bbye ppl.

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