why me huh?

urghhh, i hv a bad feeling bout ths ); i was choosen by pn fadsilah to present an english oral test AGAIN in front of another examiner from other school.. huh, wth? *tuh la pndai2 sgt nk ckp british english huhh,

there r more students who are btter than me teacher.. n FYI, i speak english seldomly n im not so good in english (;

okay, it was quite okay act.. but i was so shocked when teacher said they might change my marks from A to B or C.. mati la i ));

da la i nie shy shy owgnye XD adoy, mcm mne niee?? drpd A nnt takot jd B plakk daaa.. wtv it is, i thanked her for giving me a chance to kembangkan bakat i yg x kembang2 niee.. haha..

dats all for now,hm. today wasn't so good.. ____ didnt come to school today.. ahahhh.. pape je la.. i asked my mom bout his fther.. haha.. she said he got come to school.. n then my sis plak bzbody ckp i minat dye.. ahhxx.. seriously i dont (; one more thng, amin cute glee when he wore szarra's spec ahhah. korean hero abess ((; iloveyou laahh hah.

ok lahh, i got some hmwork to do. see ya, ily.

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NedDy said...

congratulation.. uhuks.