school holiday again X)

pic 2 : candid-ed by me XD
pic 3 : i was kinda bored so i took amin's pic bcoz he mcm jiwang jehh c(;

yeah, just now at school was quite bored bcoz me, as a prefect must do my duty.. huhh, but x smpai an hour pon sbb ponteng duty.. almost all d prefects did ponteng their duties.. teacher's day? hmm, celebration not so meriah mcm skola rndah.. but i love love performance made by form 4/5 i guess.. i laughed until mao pecah perot LOL.. en, shahrul pon nyanyi lagu ari ariwatan.. hwawa.. im so proud of teacher.. n then bg2 adiah, sukaneka, pnyampaian hadiah n last2 balek (;

anas, nadia n shafea went to kem ibadah at masjid wilayah.. i didnt fllow them bcoz i forgot to ask ustaz for d borang,, mnyesal ceq ):
about d injection.....injection xkene lg.. hhahahhaah.. sbb balek lewat.. so da 3 kali terlepas..

hmm, someone makes me so upset today.. she/he suddenly became moodless n dont even talk to me.. da la today hr akhir.. at least jumpe la to say bye or hppy holiday or anything.. huhhh, wud did i do to him/her pon i xtaw ):
heyyy u, im sorry la if i did something dat make u hurt ke sad ke.. pls tell me if u got problem.. nie tidak, mympah lohhh ! awk, sye syg awk mcm sye syg anas sye LOL XD

im so free now from doing a lot of hmwork, LOL

say good Bye to my School,
and Hey Hey to HOLIDAY ;DD

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NedDy said...

uhuks. ptg nt we all g umah along okies... selamat bercuti