full of emotion day

full of emotion day
seriously really maybe (;

tension facess );

skg suda 11:11 p.m, im writing this bcoz im so boredd ! haha ! next week got another intrvensi.. seriously,i didnt study at all.. my teachers said dat the questions are quite hardd.. OMG, please help me..

hmm, just now anas called me n said dat she lost our ag work, i mean the works dat we have made last sturday.. WTH! im so mad.. shaf is more mad than me act.. haha.. i laughed so loudly bcoz i want to tahan my kemarahan on her (; anas!!! so we need to do it back la ye? anas???!! oH G.. my mind is so so blank.. tmorrow i need to stay some more.. being one of the form3 students is very irritating la yoo..

uitt, td all the boys in my class kene rotan by en. MIzi.. they were very angry with tcher.. haha.. pity they all.. hopefully their buttss are getting better (; Im so proud la with u all.. u all can tahan wann..

he msged me after a long time we didnt tegor each other n he accepted my apologise(btol ke?).. haha.. he said dat he want to tipu i balek nnt. so adil kan? idontknow wud am i trying to say now.. in conclusion, he n i suda baek.. heheh.. xmao gado2.. xbaekk.. relaks r laen kali wehh, hang kan always cool+hnsem!

oh ya, one more thingg! hahha, me n shaf were choosen as the VVIP servers on this saturday lahh.. thhis saturday got anugerah cmerlang.. i feel very excited pluss nervouss.. ;DD urgghhh! im already sleepy rite now, bye la wehh!

p/s: my english is not good as yours, so if i did some mistakes or wtever plss cmment yehh.. im trying to improve my english, plus untk show off.. hahaha!

btw, thx for reading this.. iloveu.