journey to PMR [P.1]

Going for PMR.
ohh. so scared.

PMR babess. 8As++

lebih kurg 6 months (kott) nk PMR.. hurhh, im not ready yet act.. especially subject Sejarah.. kalo ikutkan results exam februari sej la yg paling low low low.. hm, i dunno laa npe sej susah sgt bg i..
mybe sbb slame nie i just improve my science n math until forgot bout the Sej.. sorry sejarah ;DD my mom asked me to do some notes for Sej and now im trying to do it.. ill try my best, mom..

just now, my mom n my sisss went to school.. got sukanekawtever.. i didnt feel like i want to follow them so i just stay at home with bibik.. my aircond is not functioning rite now.. haha.. so da 3 days i slept without d aircond.. its suckk.. after this abah will bring us to eat satay.. yeahh!!
thats all for now, i got some.. hmm, not some but plenty of hmwork to do.. bye!!

p/s: will be very buzy, so i hv no time to update my blog.. wait until next weekend yahh.. thx..

i really miss 2 Bestari 08.
-natasha-PMR's candidate 2009.

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