Tagged from Mich,

1.Do not copy the answers
2.The tagged questions must be 100% same
3.Tag ppl after doing the tag
4.No tagging back

1. Suraya
2. Kak uti
3. Cik ha
4. Cik An
5. Wan Nadiah
6. Amira faqihah
7. Anas
8. Shafiah
9. Nadia Jam
10. Akim. haha. (xde owg lg)

1.How do u know no.1?
- skola same2 since stndard 2 (;

2.What would you do if u nvr met no.2?
- hm,

3.What would u do if no.3 n 4 dated u?
- hehe. enjoy smpai penat,

4.Would 5 n 6 make a good couple?
- they nvr know each other lah i guess.

5.Do u think no.7 is attractive?
- anas?hurhh, yala kot.

6.Do u know anything about no.8 family?
- vry nice n frenly mcm dye.

7.Tell me something about no.9
- smetimes serious,

8.What language does no.2 speak?
- malay + bi

9.Who is no.3 going out wit?
- uncle khairul la spe lg (;

10.How old is no.4?
- 26 but she looks younger than me, haha.

11.Who is no.6 fav singer?
- i dunno, wud huh?

12.Would u date no.7?
- of coz.

13.Prefer no.10 single?
- no no,

14. What is no.9 last name?
- she doesnt hve last name

15.Would u consider being in a relationship wit no.1?
- hoho, boleh gak c(;

16.Which school does no.2 go to?
- she's in U-wtva. hehe. em not rlly sure laa.

17.What do u like about no.3?
- pretty+lemah lembut
another tag from mich,

List the things tht u like about the holidays, n another 10 tht u dislike the holidays.
After ur done, tag 12 ppl.

10 things i like bout my holidays -

1. can onlining evryday.
2. can hang out with frenss. haha.
3. can watch tv.
4. boleyh tdo lmbat.
5. bgn lmbat. heeh.
6. can play the piano
7. can download vdeos or songs.
8. msging, 3Ging, calling ppl,
9. hm ho hu. mkn sdap2.
10. no need to worry bout tmrrow,

10 thing i dislike -

1. yeah,It's boring .
2. pckage blambak seyh,
3. hmwork lg,
4. folio lg la ;DD
5. cant see frens.
6. no gossip
7. xboleyh jmpe abg2 hnsem. haha.
8. cant meet him. wahh!
9. xleyh jmpe makcik cnteen c(;
10. akn berase mls untk ke sekolah.

Tagging :
i want to tag noone ;)

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